The Studio 125: Mash’d!

by Tim Alatorre

Mash’d was a fantastic show. Congratulations to all those whose work was on display. This episode features: Michael Lucas, Margot McDonald, Doug Jackson, Ana Love, Max Wisotsky, Carly Althoff, Ben Pennell, Jeannette Senn, Nick Schwaller, Ryan Cranny, Pawitar Singh, and Robert McLaughlin.

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6 thoughts on “The Studio 125: Mash’d!

Becky Nowland Alatorre

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Jeannette Senn

Michael Lucas, Ryan Craney, Max Olof Carlsson Wisotsky, Carly Althoff,

Jeannette Senn

Ana Love, Nick Schwaller,

Carly Althoff

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Jeannette Senn

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Tim Alatorre

Just in time to say it’s done today…. here is the video! Lots more pictures will be uploaded to our wiki soon.

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